Rewordify = Amazing teacher resource

So I was introduced to this website called Rewordify…. You can access it HERE.

So here’s the deal. This website lets you copy and paste text right into it, either from your computer or from a website. Once you copy/paste into the website, it will “rewordify” your text, turning it into any reading level you want. It’s amazing! You can have the settings set so that it will pick up the most challenging vocabulary and insert a less challenging synonym. That way, the context of the article doesn’t change, but students can modify it to their own level. When you hover over the changed vocabulary word, it will show you the original word.

Then, once you have rewordified the text, you can make the original vocabulary words and changed words into vocabulary flashcards. Kids can then still be held responsible for learning the vocabulary, but are able to read the text with more independence and fluency.

This site gets cooler. It has traditional, popular novels already inventoried on the site. You just pick a book that’s already loaded (ex. grapes of Wrath), rewordify it, and read each chapter according to the students reading level.

Talk about instant classroom differentiation!

Check it out and let’s me know what you think!

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