Welcome Back!

Welcome back!

So excited to be starting my 7th year in speech pathology in Channahon.  I love our students and seeing how excited they are to be coming back to school.  I have lots of new ideas and resources that I’m looking forward to using this year as well.

I think we as teachers and therapists have to  be EXTRA excited at the start of the school year in order to get our students thinking positively and wanting to learn.  I hear many parents and teachers that are dreading the start of the school year… why?!   I am the first to say that summer was so fun and I loved being home with my little man, Carson.  I mean… stroller walks, playing in the pool and nonstop peek-a-boo never gets old, right?? 🙂  But I also really appreciate each season for what it brings.  If it was summer all year round, we’d never look forward to it as much as we do now.  We’re always wishing we had something in the past or looking forward in the future.  Today is a GREAT day!

And if you need an extra boost of positivity, let’s learn from THIS  girl…

Thankful for each and every day I can get up and work with my students and try to help spread a positive and hopeful mindset.  Some of our students are extra excited about the school year because they may have less-than-wonderful circumstances at home.  Maybe a death in the family, a financial hardship in their household, a best friend moving away, or parents getting divorced…  Sometimes coming to school is the only safe haven our students feel—a place they feel safe, loved and accepted.   So put aside the regret of a never-ending summer and look forward to TODAY, not only for you, but for  each and every face that walks into school this week.  They need us!


What are YOU most thankful for this school year?


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