Quizlet can be a GREAT resource for teachers, SLPs and students.  If you go to www.quizlet.com, you can sign up with a FREE account!  It’s essentially a way to create online, virtual flashcards.  Parents and students can easily use this at home as a way to practice academic vocabulary.   Students enjoy using the flashcards on the computer, and there are even games to play with them as well!  In addition, you can have the computer read the words and definitions to you.   Great for auditory learners!

This is a great resource for SLPs also!  Therapists can use these for language/vocabulary, multiple meaning words, and even articulation drill practice.   As an idea, you can create a separate account and give the password/sign in to parents.  THEN, parents and students can log in at home, click on the flashcards they need to practice (r sound, sh sound, synonyms, etc.), and complete as “homework”.  It even scores the matches you get correct in each game! (Easy way to track data?)

It’s a fantastic way to hear, see, spell and read these words continuously throughout the school week.  Another great way to prepare students from home!  Check it out and let me know what you think!

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