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Wanted to share some ways that I use technology as a school-based SLP!   Say it with me… Technology is your friend.  Now, I do agree that it is REALLY frustrating when it doesn’t work.  You make your plan, get your lesson prepared, go to grab your computer or tablet, and something goes wrong!  True.  But don’t we also have to always be flexible and have back up plans for our lessons even when technology is NOT involved?  It’s part of the gig!  Technology can really help to supplement your lesson, relate to your students, and motivate kids to learn.  Here are some basic ways that I’ve incorporated technology into my job….

iPads.  There are so many fabulous iPad apps that you can use with students for speech/language therapy.  I have used several apps for articulation that help to give auditory feedback, count correct versus incorrect productions, and keep students working on their speech goals more independently.  I have also used many apps for language and pragmatics!  There are great apps for language processing that not only target Common Core standards, but provide a clear visual and auditory cues for the students.  I have found great apps on SuperDuper’s website.  If you are in a district where you have access to iPads, use them!  Request the use of speech therapy apps!  Students love using technology
and it is truly engaging for them.  You can also use iPads as a tool for speech “centers” or speedy speech RtI (Response to Intervention).  What apps have YOU used??

Computers (desktops…laptops…Chromebooks).  Again, students love using computers at school to learn because this is what they are using at home!  Students are now emailing, on social media, playing games, listening to music, watching videos and searching the web at home.  This new generation of students is so competent at using computers and technology that they will most likely be able to teach YOU something.  Students feel so comfortable using computers and again, it can be a great way to keep them engaged in your sessions!  I have used laptops for writing tasks, reading comprehension, and social skills.  I have had students create their own powerpoints.  I have used speech therapy websites for games and additional therapy activities. In our social skills group, I used our district’s Chromebooks for having students create their own social stories!  It was so fun and I had the students’ attention for the entire session.

Social media.   I have used several forms of social media as a way to connect with my students, parents and other SLPs.  Students are naturally going to be more engaged and walk away from a lesson with more understanding when they find that it can relate to their own interests! I have had students create their own Facebook profiles on paper and hung them in the hall.

FB Wall with FB Vocabulary

FB Wall with FB Vocabulary

I then created a Facebook “wall” that hung in the hall for students to build conversations from.   Students were able to look at others’ profiles, make new connections, and describe themselves.  I also have a Twitter— I use this to share with the world what my students are learning and what new things our district is involved in.  It’s a great way to see what other districts and other SLPs are doing!  I highly recommend it.

Google.  I really love everything about Google!  My love for Google has developed into a full fledged obsession after our district “went Google”!  We have Google Chromebooks for our whole district!  I love using Gmail, Google translate (for my bilingual and ELL students), Google Keep for organization (check out my previous post on this HERE), Google Drive for sharing files, therapy plans and organizing data, and Google Calendar to help me track meetings, therapies and co-treats!  If you haven’t checked out all that Google has to offer, go check it out now!  I also love the Google Chrome extensions (they are small icons that appear on your internet bar that you can use for different purposes).  For example, I use “Clearly” to help simplify webpages for my students who are easily distracted or visually overwhelmed.

Monthly electronic newsletters.  I submit a monthly “blurb” to our school’s newsletter.  This is sent out to all staff and parents.  I usually post resources, tips, and therapy tricks in each newsletter on a variety of topics.  Past topics include memory, language, reading, and articulation.  I have also posted on ways for parents and students to work on speech therapy objectives at home!  My previous “Speech Corner Newsletters” can be accessed on this website!  Check some out sometime and let me know if there’s a topic or question you would like me to post about!

Therapy website.  I started this website a few years ago that started as just a blog.  I then wanted to expand it to reach more people–including parents.  It then evolved from a personal blog to a professional website that offers resources, websites, links and ways to connect.  I am continually updating, adding and revising the site!  I want it to act as a resource and as a way to communicate with families, parents and other SLPs.  If you have any suggestions or ideas for improvement, PLEASE let me know!  I’d love to make it as useful as possible.

Overall, I really love incorporating technology into my job as an SLP and into my therapy.  Students will be using computers and other tech more and more not only in personal lives but also in the academic realm.  Push yourself out of your box to try it!  Ask your district’s technology experts or knowledgeable teachers!  Research online other great ways to use tech.  Comment below with ideas, comments or questions!  =)image


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