SLP’s: CAAP Test Visual for Parents!

Hey Speechies!  I made this visual using the CAAP Test articulation norms to use with parents in an attempt to better explain when students should be proficient with each sound.  I think it helps to break down each sound individually and give a way for parents to see when sounds should be mastered (norms are for when it is mastered by 95% of the population).  Feel free to use this visual with parents during screenings, evaluations and IEP meetings!

Parents, wondering if your child is behind with his sounds?  Wondering if he/she should be producing more of them correctly by now?  Check out this chart to find out where your child falls!  If you have concerns, consider looking into a speech screening at your local school district or through your pediatrician.

Any great visuals other SLPs use at IEP meetings?  Share below!



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