A “Minion” Reasons to Love SPEECH!

I am SO ready for school to start back up this fall!  I always enjoy summers off (playing with my son, trips to the zoo, shopping, pool days, etc), but I also equally love getting a fresh slate each school year!  I am in such a unique role, because I get to have the same students for speech from 3rd all the way to 8th grade!!  Some of my students I have serviced all 5 years.  It’s a privilege. 🙂  I ALSO get to welcome my NEW 2nd graders this year, and a sprinkle of fun preschoolers!  I really do have the best job and remind myself how thankful I am to have this opportunity every day.  Life is too short to be anything but thankful!


I decided to go with a “Minion” theme this year!  Not only did Despicable Me 3 just come out, but I LOVE minions!   I also really love some good figurative language… so I ran with the following catch phrases:

There are a MINION reasons to love speech!

Speech students are one in a MINION!

Try your best.  Anything else would be DESPICABLE!



What I’m trying to say is… if you are a parent reading this, know that I cannot WAIT to meet your child if they’re new to me.   I cannot WAIT to see your child again if they’ve been with me before.  And I cannot WAIT to share my love and passion for speech therapy with your children!  I’m amazed by how much my students teach ME each year.  Thank you for trusting them with me!

Here’s to another great year in Channahon! 

Thanks for checking out my website and blog–  please reach out anytime throughout the school year!  

I would love to hear from you!


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