I have had not one… but TWO…projects funded through DonorsChoose.org.  Check out my personal page here!  It really is incredible how generous others are—some in which I’ve never even met!  Several companies are on this site, and are more than willing to support those working in education and provide resources for students.  Feeling that kind of support and encouragement is HUGE, and was such a positive note to start my school year off on!  I cannot wait to get my new supplies, and even more, to use a much needed assessment with my students this year!

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Thank you again, DonorsChoose.org, and all my friends/family that donated!  I’m forever thankful!

If you have a need for your classroom or therapy setting, check out DonorsChoose and see if you can get a project fulfilled!  It’s been such a blessing for me.  Try it!

Have you ALREADY tried it?  What did you get for your classroom??!

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