Baby Time!

Well, in case you haven’t heard (or have seen my gi-normous belly!), I am due in just a few short weeks!

Katie Preggo

Balancing toddler life, working full time and pregnancy has turned out to be pretty tricky (thus the very few blog updates this year! So sorry…).   I am so looking forward to being home with the newest sweet edition to our family, but will be missing my students at school every day!  I love what I do, and I love all my students– my job really is the best.

carson ultrasound pic

Big brother is also awfully excited for his baby brother or sister (We don’t know which!).   He loves to touch momma’s belly, kiss it, and try to feed it “cwackers.”  (No– SLP momma is not trying to fix that one yet… I mean, it sounds too cute to mess with…).

I will be on maternity leave starting in 2 weeks or so, and will be back the first week of May!  Can’t wait to see my students again at the end of the year to wrap everything up, and then have the summer home with my new “little.”

So, parents, I will keep you updated and look forward to seeing your students as soon as I’m back!  Until then, some some prayers our way for a smooth delivery and a beautiful, healthy baby.

If any parents have questions during leave, feel free to contact myself OR Mrs. North at

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