Parents– Looking for some rainy day ideas?

I came across this great blog post about rainy day activities for little ones at home!  These activities could be a great opportunity to work on both speech and language, but also fine and gross motor!  They’re sure to keep your kiddos attention, too!  Let me know if anyone tries them out!  I’m going to do the pom pom one with my little guy this week!  Indoor Activities

Find ideas HERE!


Google Keep has changed my life…

I wanted to update this post now that I’ve learned even more great uses for Google Keep!  Check it out and let me know how many of YOU are using this?  It’s such a valuable tool!

Has anyone else tried Google Keep as a method of organization/notes?  It’s Ah-mazing.  It’s changed  my life.  Literally.  Go to THIS website and start using it.  I mean.. right NOW!

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