Speechie Brags!

I love using these!  My students get SO excited to come back to class to find this and a treat on their desk!  It’s even more important for those friends who struggle with positive behavior.   I found this as a freebie on Teacherspayteachers.com.  You can find them HERE!  Give them a try!  Such a small gesture can go a LONG way for some of our students!

IMG_1998 (1)

What are YOU using to keep your students motivated and positive?  Would love to hear some ideas!


There’s a Giraffe in my Soup!

This was SUCH a great book to use in my life skills classroom!  I used this book to do a literacy lesson, focusing on animals, groups of animals, colors, and asking “WH” questions!  It is a great book to use for sequencing (the order that animal are appearing in the soup), as well as inferencing (what do you think will happen next?).

giraffe soup

It’s also a great book to use as low level AAC.  Have picture cards of each animal ready and laminated, and then have each student in the group holding at least one card.  As that animal is introduced, have the student hold it up and put it on their “bowl of soup”!  Great way to encourage engagement and participation in the lesson through differentiation.



If you have a chance, check out this book to use in YOUR speech groups!



October Newsletter! *Fall into Speech*

Here’s the newsletter for October!  Giving you some tips on how to improve your memory… Until next time!

Speechie News_ Oct


Donors Choose!

I have two projects that I’m raising money for right now!  Hoping to get another iPad to use with a student in speech, and some other speech language therapy supplies!  If you feel like you’d be interested in donating, here’s the link to my classroom page!

Thanks so much in advance.. my students are amazing and SO deserving.

Click HERE to go to my classroom page on donorschoose.org!