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Thanksgiving Social Skills

Looking for a way to work on social skills and pragmatic language with your students? This packet would be a fantastic way to work on this with all elementary students! This would also work as a great push-in therapy tool for students in high incidence classrooms!

It includes “Expected” and “Unexpected” things to say, conversation topic starters, problem solving tasks and even some perspective taking cards!

It would be a great addition to any classroom or speech therapy room. Check out my TPT store for my Halloween Social Skills and Christmas Social Skills, too!

If you try it out, or any other products, PLEASE leave some feedback so I know if these are useful for your students!

Have a great week! Love, Speechie Kate


Yikes! More research on screen time for kids…


Be the Energy You Want to Attract

I try to make this my mantra each day… Love others the way you want to be treated AND the way everyone deserves to be treated! Life is too short to be anything but thankful. Blessed. Energetic. It’s just too short, folks! Spread positivity whenever you can. And it’s always worth going the extra mile for people in your life…. it fills your soul. So get out there and BE the energy you want to attract.


Teaching kids to ask and answer questions…

Questions can be so hard to teach. How to ask them. How to answer them. How to differentiate them from statements. I decided I needed to create a product that would help! This is a Mega Bundle of different activities all in one! There are 80+ pages of ways to teach questions to your students! Almost all activities come in both black/white and color! There’s even a set of “WH” question posters included! (You can get the WH question posters by themselves HERE...).

So jump in now, grab this WH Question bundle, and start improving your student’s receptive and expressive language skills now! Give me feedback on how these activities work for YOU!

Have a great week!

Love, Speechie Kate