About Mrs. Beckett


I’m Mrs. (Katie) Beckett and I have been working in Channahon Schools for 7 years.  I absolutely love what I do! I received my Bachelor’s degree and initial Master’s degree in speech pathology from Eastern Illinois University in 2010.  I then completed my second Master’s degree in Educational Administration in 2014.  I would definitely consider myself a lifelong learner, and anticipate obtaining a Doctorate in the future!


Traditionally, I have worked with students from 3rd to 8th grade.  The past two years, I have also worked with younger students Pre-K to 2nd grade.  I love the variety!  I also really love working in Channahon–we have great teachers and administrators.

In addition to working in the schools, I have also worked privately at a speech therapy clinic, and at Silver Cross Hospital on the acute and rehab teams.  In those settings, I have typically with patients who have had strokes, brain injury, or other speech/language impairments.  It is such a blessing to be able to experience both ends of the spectrum in terms of therapy.  I’m currently ONLY working in the schools, as I can’t quite give up much more time from my family!  Hoping to do some in-home therapy down the line, as well. 🙂

I have been married to Mike for almost 7 years!  We both have brothers with disabilities, which gave us a unique perspective on life and a shared love for giving back to those with special needs.  My brother, Andy, has Down syndrome.  He is perfect in his own way!  He has taught me so many life lessons, most importantly how to see EVERY day as a good day!

Because of our siblings and the passion they have given us for those with special abilities, Mike and I even hope to adopt a child with special needs one day.  We spend most of our time now with our son, Carson and our newest little, Miss Charlotte Mae!  They’re growing so fast and we are loving every moment with them!  We are so blessed with our little family of four.











Our puppies, Lucy and Gizmo, keep us on our toes as well!






I wanted to create this webpage and blog as a way to connect with YOU (parents) and YOU (SLPs)!   Please share comments/questions with me anytime!


3 thoughts on “About Mrs. Beckett

  1. I am REALLY excited to work alongside you this year, Mrs. Beckett! I love your zest for life and for what you do as an SLP! Here’s to many, many more fun days at Pioneer Path! #keepingupwithBeckett #dreamteamtake2


  2. This is an awesome resource, Mrs. Beckett! You have such a passion and a heart for kids. I think it is great that you are supporting your families and other SLPs in this way and, as a school administrator, I am looking forward to reading future posts to learn more.


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