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Speechie Tech!


Wanted to share some ways that I use technology as a school-based SLP!   Say it with me… Technology is your friend.  Now, I do agree that it is REALLY frustrating when it doesn’t work.  You make your plan, get your lesson prepared, go to grab your computer or tablet, and something goes wrong!  True.  But don’t we also have to always be flexible and have back up plans for our lessons even when technology is NOT involved?  It’s part of the gig!  Technology can really help to supplement your lesson, relate to your students, and motivate kids to learn.  Here are some basic ways that I’ve incorporated technology into my job….

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Facebook Frenzy?!

I think my students are having a little TOO much fun with my FB wall….. 🙂


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Be my Facebook friend?

My new project for this year is my Facebook wall.   The kids LOVE it!    I made a version of one I found online and just changed the information.  Then I found a picture, laminated it, and just used sticky tack to put it on my wall.  That way—I can change it easily throughout the year.


I added some Facebook “vocab” around it to incorporate, as well.  The kids then made their own mini FB profiles and I laminated and hung them all up next to mine!

Thought I should share my obsession with FB with all my students 🙂

Here is the one I gave students to fill out—these went up on the wall all around my wall because we are all “Facebook Friends” 🙂  Student Facebook Page