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Handout Freebie!

I created this quick handout for SLPs, special education teams, teachers, parents, etc! It has two pages depending on which one you want to use, and it’s FREE! Feel free to laminate this sucker and place in your office… have handouts on parent education nights, etc. I hope you guys can use it! It’s in my TPT Store now for FREE! 🙂

Let me know how YOU guys are able to use it, and shoot me any suggestions to improve it! Thanks, ya’ll!

Love, Speechie Kate

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Fall is my FAVORITE!

Ok. So I really love fall. I love everything about it. The leaves changing colors… cute boots…big blanket scarves… and even the adorable fall graphics I found to make my newest TPT product! I created this Fall Describing Packet that I think you might just love…

It has all kinds of activities inside… categories, attributes, describing posters, writing prompts… it’s got it all! Check it out on my TPT store! There’s also a freebie from it if you’re looking to check it out… I hope you love it!!

What are some reasons that YOU love fall?!


Halloween Social Skills

Hey, ya’ll! This is a great new product I made for working on Halloween social skills! It includes “expected” versus “unexpected” behavior, conversational topic starters, and problem solving cards! It’s great to use as a print-and-go or cut them out and laminate to use in groups! Check it out at my TPT Store!


Hey fall, hey….

Anyone else pumped for blanket scarves, boots and pumpkins?! Helloooo fall 🎃🍁🍂


Top 10 Tips for a Productive IEP Meeting!

Parents of children with disabilities don’t usually consider themselves to be superheroes… but they truly are. Here are some tips for PARENTS when coming to your child’s IEP meeting!

Here are your Top 10 Tips!

1. Share concerns. Your child’s team will want to know what your concerns are for your child and for how their needs are being met at school! We appreciate your input.

2. Generate a list of questions beforehand so you don’t forget in the meeting! Jot them down on paper or in your phone so you have them handy.

3. Bring a file of important documents. Keep them together so it’s ready if you need it! Use a file folder or even a binder to keep yourself organized.

4. When you’re not agreeing with the team’s recommendation, acknowledge everyone’s good reasons and intentions. State WHY you are suggesting the change for your child’s plan, but also be reasonable in remembering the often limited resources in the public schools. Do we want to give every child a 1:1 support system? Yes. Do we have the room in our schedules, additional personnel, and financial means to do so? Nope. We want to do the best we can with the resources we are given! All of our students deserve the best.

5. Ask questions if something is unclear. We know there is so much information and it can be overwhelming. We may use certain acronyms, labels and terms everyday—if they’re not familiar to you though, you need to ask! Be assertive in the dialogue surrounding your child’s plan.

6. Remember that you are speaking for your child. Keep in mind what is best for them, and advocate for changes as needed. We love having your child here at school, but no one knows them like you do!

7. Remember that we’re on your side! Sometimes it’s disheartening and frustrating to get negative information about your child’s academic progress, behavior, set backs, etc. We are all here with the common goal of supporting your child as best as we can. Work as a team!

8. Inform the case manager if you are bringing others to the IEP meeting. It helps us to prepare physically (copies, number of chairs, etc). Help us to be prepared!

9. Let us know if you can’t make it! We want to see you. Reschedule or do a phone conference if that works better! Having parents not show up for a meeting about their child is so disheartening. We see your child at school all week, but in order to work as a team, we need you to be informed on all of their progress!

10. Thankfulness. Remember that we are doing our best each and every day not only with YOUR child that has additional needs, but with MANY children with special needs. We are so thankful for what you are doing at home with your children, as well. If we work together, the results will truly show.


Person- first language. It’s time we all use it!

I was inspired tonight when I saw this on social media. Wanted to share it here as well!

We cannot define ourselves or others by our limitations. First and foremost, we are all people first, with an abundance of strengths and uniqueness. We can choose to see deficits as things we cannot do or we can choose to see them as challenges of ways to do them differently!




Speechie Brags!

I love using these!  My students get SO excited to come back to class to find this and a treat on their desk!  It’s even more important for those friends who struggle with positive behavior.   I found this as a freebie on  You can find them HERE!  Give them a try!  Such a small gesture can go a LONG way for some of our students!

IMG_1998 (1)

What are YOU using to keep your students motivated and positive?  Would love to hear some ideas!


There’s a Giraffe in my Soup!

This was SUCH a great book to use in my life skills classroom!  I used this book to do a literacy lesson, focusing on animals, groups of animals, colors, and asking “WH” questions!  It is a great book to use for sequencing (the order that animal are appearing in the soup), as well as inferencing (what do you think will happen next?).

giraffe soup

It’s also a great book to use as low level AAC.  Have picture cards of each animal ready and laminated, and then have each student in the group holding at least one card.  As that animal is introduced, have the student hold it up and put it on their “bowl of soup”!  Great way to encourage engagement and participation in the lesson through differentiation.



If you have a chance, check out this book to use in YOUR speech groups!



October Newsletter! *Fall into Speech*

Here’s the newsletter for October!  Giving you some tips on how to improve your memory… Until next time!

Speechie News_ Oct


Donors Choose!

I have two projects that I’m raising money for right now!  Hoping to get another iPad to use with a student in speech, and some other speech language therapy supplies!  If you feel like you’d be interested in donating, here’s the link to my classroom page!

Thanks so much in advance.. my students are amazing and SO deserving.

Click HERE to go to my classroom page on!


September Speechie News!

Here’s the September Speechie News Newsletter!  Keep checking back for more speech therapy tips and news!


Speechie News_ Sept


Donors Choose Project!

Hi!  I’m working my first year in a low income school, and there are really limited resources for our students and teachers.  If you have it in your heart to donate to help me fill up some supplies for my students this year, we would all SO appreciate it!  Thank you so much!

If you use the code RIPPLE, Donor’s Choose will match every donation up to $50!

HERE’s my project!

Thanks again,

Mrs. Beckett


Bring it on, new school year!

I am SO excited to be starting my 8th year as a SLP in a NEW district!  I’m now in Joliet Public Schools, and servicing students from kindergarten to 5th grade at Thigpen Elementary!  I have gotten my new office set, and I am READY to meet my kiddos!  I’ve been praying for my students and hoping for an amazing year!  If you’re a THIG parent, use this link to sign up for speech announcements throughout the year!


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Thig parents! Sign up for Remind alerts!

Good evening!

I cannot WAIT to be servicing your students for speech therapy this year!  I will be sending out periodic messages throughout the school year that pertain to speech therapy at Thigpen.  If you’re interested in receiving these messages, join by clicking HERE!

Here’s to a fantastic 18-19 school year!

Mrs. Beckett


Parents– Looking for some rainy day ideas?

I came across this great blog post about rainy day activities for little ones at home!  These activities could be a great opportunity to work on both speech and language, but also fine and gross motor!  They’re sure to keep your kiddos attention, too!  Let me know if anyone tries them out!  I’m going to do the pom pom one with my little guy this week!  Indoor Activities

Find ideas HERE!


Google Keep has changed my life…

I wanted to update this post now that I’ve learned even more great uses for Google Keep!  Check it out and let me know how many of YOU are using this?  It’s such a valuable tool!

Has anyone else tried Google Keep as a method of organization/notes?  It’s Ah-mazing.  It’s changed  my life.  Literally.  Go to THIS website and start using it.  I mean.. right NOW!

Continue reading “Google Keep has changed my life…”


Speech Summer Fun!

It’s that time again!  Summer has arrived!  Are you a parent looking for some language-rich activities to do with your littles this summer?  Here are some ideas of activities to do that can really foster great opportunities for social language, vocabulary, conversation starters, articulation, and language processing skills.  Check out the list below and be sure to add any extra ideas at the end!





Here are some ideas:

  • Visit the zoo and label as many animals as you can find
  • Go to the park and make a new friend
  • Help your child write a note or email to a classmate
  • Go on a picnic at a local Forest Preserve
  • Cook a new recipe together and discuss “first, next, then”
  • Go on a nature hike and enjoy the outdoors
  • Make and go on a scavenger hunt outside
  • Visit the local pool and start a conversation with a new friend
  • Go to the grocery store and sort items into groups (which are fruits, name 3 meats, which items are cold, etc.)
  • Let your child watch their favorite TV show and then have them give you a summary of the episode afterwards
  • Read a book together in the sunshine and talk about the people and places in the story
  • Go on a bike ride and talk about your favorite summer activity
  • Roast marshmallows and have your child give step-by-step directions on how to make them

Here is a great list of other ideas too!

Summer Bucket List

Any other ideas or activities that your families love to do in the summer?



Sorry it’s been so long since I have posted here!  I have been a little busy delivering our 9.5lb little sunshine!  Welcome to the world, Charlotte Mae Beckett!


We are all doing well at home!  As of today, she’s 2 months old and has added so much joy to our new family of 4.  Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers!  I’m already back at work full time and loving being with all my students again!  Looking forward to finishing out the year, and hoping to post some resources over the summer for parents to work on speech/language with their littles! 🙂


Artic on the Go!

Happy January and Happy New Year!  I wanted to give some suggestions to parents and other colleagues on ways to encourage our students and kiddos to use accurate speech sounds at home!


When students are learning a new speech pattern and working on specific sounds, it is paramount that they are exposed to reminders and good examples outside of therapy time.  Learning a new speech pattern is hard!  You are essentially re-wiring a neurological and physiological pathway that was developed incorrectly.  It’s hard work!  Be sure and Continue reading “Artic on the Go!”


Baby Time!

Well, in case you haven’t heard (or have seen my gi-normous belly!), I am due in just a few short weeks!

Katie Preggo

Balancing toddler life, working full time and pregnancy has turned out to be pretty tricky (thus the very few blog updates this year! So sorry…).   I am so looking forward to being home with the newest sweet edition to our family, but will be missing my students at school every day!  I love what I do, and I love all my students– my job really is the best. Continue reading “Baby Time!”