Blogs I love

This blog is a fantastic resource!  Speech Room News is a blog that I’ve been following and checking out for a long time!  Jenna spends a ton of time updating this, posting new articles, and giving SLPs awesome resources.  Check it out sometime!  It would be an especially great site to check for new SLPs and CFs, as there are “beginner” courses for new SLPs right on the site!  Love this one.

Another blog/site that I would really recommend is created by my friend, Maureen!  The Speech Bubble is a really thorough site that provides all kinds of resources, ideas, collaboration, and a link to her online TPT store!  She really loves what she does, and you can feel that when you cruise her blog!  Check it out sometime!

This woman is amazing!  I have been to her conferences—GREAT speaker.  Works with so much of Michelle Garcia Winner’s stuff on social thinking, Superflex, autism, etc.  Her website has everything you could imagine!  Check out Jill Kuzma’s Pinterest boards too—TONS of ideas!

This is such a great blog! I have followed this one for a long time—I have borrowed many of her ideas for therapy…  I use the “Worksheets” Tab all the time for articulation therapy.  I even recc this one to parents of students who are looking for some sound-specific word lists to use at home.   Check it out sometime!

Check out this site— it gives a lot of ideas of how to directly target vocab.  From the homepage, click on “resources” and there are a bunch of ideas/links available…

Here’s another good one—some good ideas on “Speedy Speech” and also on homework ideas…

Awesome therapy ideas here—

Here’s a great one—I get products/ideas from her all the time—

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