Teacher Communication

This is a teacher perception survey I give out at the end of the year—-basic, but I like to see what teacher’s are thinking and how I can better support them in their classrooms.  I’ve gotten some really great info on these—worth a try!?!?  Teacher Feedback Survey_End of Year  I have since given this survey via Google Forms which has worked great because teachers can type suggestions and I can really visualize and chart the results to help influence my speech services for the next year!  I think teachers enjoy something quick like this to fill out in order to feel that they have a say in how we are helping their students!

This is a great form to give teachers prior to a problem solving meeting, an IEP, or conferences.  I found this on TPT at this LINK—it’s a great freebie!  It helps provide a way for teachers to document strengths/weaknesses and helps the team to organize areas that are in need of further support.  It’s also really quick for teacher to fill out which is always a plus!

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