Response to Intervention (RtI)

I wanted to share some documents that I have made/found/revamped to use for the hugely ambiguous “speech RtI”.  There are so many definitions and roles that SLPs are playing in terms of RtI because our boundaries/expectations have not been clearly stated before… Should SLPs be seeing students with language deficits via RTI?  Or only articulation?  How often do you update progress for students with speech RtI?   Speech RtI has become such a “gray” area because the limitations and expectations are not clearly defined.  They are essentially up to each district and each SLP.  For example, I co-treat with the reading specialist and social worker for RtI and other SLPs may not!  I try to set my own process and guidelines to make the referral and treatment process more streamlined.

Here are a few docs that I use that help me along the way!

Quick, easy way to chart data for RtI kiddos:
Goal Chart

Here’s the letter I use at beginning of year to send home to kiddos that I see for RtI:
Welcome Form_RtI Students

I give 3 or 4 of these to teachers at beginning of school year.  They fill out top half of form on any student they are concerned about and put it in my mailbox.  Then I do some observations and/or screenings, and fill out bottom half.  Teacher contacts parent first, and then I follow up, if a student warrants a full eval or RtI therapy… Teacher Request for Speech Observation

This is a form I send home to parents to fill out to get a better idea of what they are hearing at home (artic): Parent Speech Sound Questionnaire

And this is the permission form I give to parents: Parent permission RTI speech

This is an awesome phono awareness screener I found online for free that I use with some of my potential phono kiddos:
Quick Phono Screener

I found this on another blog online for artic screenings:
Articulation Screener

This is a GREAT screener I found for overall langauge/memory/processing:
Middle School Screening

These forms are from ASHA and list typical language skills that children should exhibit during each school year.  I pass these out to teachers each fall—they help to guide them as to whether or not to refer students for RtI/evaluation.

By the end of Kindergarten

By the end of First Grade

By the end of Second Grade

By end of 3rd Grade

By end of 4th Grade

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