What Autism feels like…

This is a great video that a friend posted on Facebook. Wow. Just wow.   Check it out HERE

I feel like I have even been guilty of talking to my students or my patients at the hospital as if their speech output is an indication at all of their comprehension/understanding. It must be maddening to Continue reading

Free Autism Resources for Therapy

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Here’s a cool website I came across…  It has a lot of FREE resources on Autism and therapy ideas…  There are links to products and visuals that have already been made too.   There’s a cool visual on Continue reading

Check out this blog–SLP amazingness…

Check out this blog!

Jill Kuzma is a GREAT speaker that I was able to see…she talks mostly about pragmatics, social thinking, therapy for kiddos with Autism, whole body listening and (my fav) SuperFlex.  Follow her blog AND follow her on Pinterest for even more therapy ideas!!

Here’s a link to my post on SuperFlex