Super Duper Handouts—these are great!

I have used these a TON.  I print them to send home to you as parents, and give them to other therapists and teachers.   There are some that are related to things to do with your child over summer.   Great resources in here too for other SLPs that give you background on how to refer a student, what RtI is, what therapy looks like, what certain disabilities look like, etc.  Many of these are also available in Spanish.

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Super Duper Handouts


Here are some that I have found and used….  What are some of YOUR favorites?!

What is a 504 Plan?

Can I revise an IEP once I sign it?

Maintaining my child’s language skills over the summer

Be my Facebook friend?

My new project for this year is my Facebook wall.   The kids LOVE it!    I made a version of one I found online and just changed the information.  Then I found a picture, laminated it, and just used sticky tack to put it on my wall.  That way—I can change it easily throughout the year.


I added some Facebook “vocab” around it to incorporate, as well.  The kids then made their own mini FB profiles and I laminated and hung them all up next to mine!

Thought I should share my obsession with FB with all my students 🙂

Here is the one I gave students to fill out—these went up on the wall all around my wall because we are all “Facebook Friends” 🙂  Student Facebook Page