Here are some resources and websites to use at home with your child to work on their sounds!

First off, I use this blog often to print therapy worksheets!  You can scroll down and find the sound that your child is working on and print off as many as you would like!  Print a few so you can have one at home, one in the car, one on the fridge, etc.  The more practice, the better!

A great resource is Quizlet.  You can join my “articulation class” HERE, where you can use flashcards for “r,” “s,” and “sh.”  I will be adding more sounds soon.  On one side of the flashcard is the sound, and the other sound has a sentence using the target word/sound.  Feel free to have students practice these outloud with a friend or adult!  It is an awesome way to work on articulation sounds and words at home!  SLPs or parents can use this site for free, and can make flashcards from home on your computer or phone with your own account!   It’s a great way to practice speech sounds outside of the therapy room and in an alternate way.  Check it out sometime and ask me if you have questions!  You can also check out my blog post on Quizlet HERE!

Here’s another great website!  It even lists different activities/games to play at home with the worksheets.  Great resource!

Got this one free from another SLP’s blog.  Awesome quick homework to send home with artic kiddos—make a few copies for over break too!  Click on it to use at home!

Speech homework


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